Sanitary Napkins

• Ultra Thin With Wings Cotton Surface Series
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• Ultra Thin With Wings Dry Weave Surface Series
• Cotton surface flat pad
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• Dry-weave surface flat pad
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• Super Absorbent Maternity Pad
• Regular With Wings Normal Plus Cotton Surface Series
• Regular With Wings Normal Plus Dry Weave Surface Series

Ultrathin cottony or dry sanitary nakpins, sanitary pads for both daytime and overnight use. Special design for your delicate skin, natural flower fragrance, keep you delight and fresh. Length for choice ranges 240mm, 270mm, 285mm, and 320mm. These sanitary napkins adopt quick speed penetration perforated film, high quality absorbency and breathable bottom sheet.

Sanitary Napkins

A sanitary towel, sanitary pad, sanitary napkin or pad is an absorbent item worn by a woman while she is menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, for lochia (post birth bleeding), abortion, or any other situation where it is necessary to absorb the flow of blood from the vagina.
We can supply cotton sanitary napkin, belt sanitary napkins, winged sanitary napkin, belted sanitary napkins, day use and night use sanitary napkin, anti-microbial sanitary napkins, dry-weave sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, ultra-thin sanitary napkin.

Cotton napkin

Cotton sanitary napkin has four-side protection designed for leakage protection side to side and front-to-back, The super-absorbent core solidifies moisture and holds it in the inner part of the pad. Double absorbent cores provide added comfort and longer wings for added protection against side leakage and better security. The anti-leak core is designed to lock in fluid, keeping the surface always drier and super breathable back sheet. Cotton sanitary napkin can lock in fluid to keep drier. Attached to napkin, belted sanitary napkins made of white cotton cord tape evacuate dampness to keep dry and comfortable.

Winged Sanitary Napkin

As we know, winged sanitary napkin has a special designed end wings which can greatly help to hold the pad in place and help to protect your panties. This special design of winged sanitary napkin can offer extra back leakage protection. Besides, it features soft and comfortable mesh surface layer, absorbs quickly, prevents bunching and following back and keeps the napkin dry and clean at any time. With SAP mixed in pulp, it can absorb large volume quickly. The SAP densely covered in the pulp could lead the liquid into the inner rapidly, after then diffused regularly, absorb the liquid firmly, avoid the skin suffering from the inconvenience of wetness. Adopting innovative double breathable film design and the U model design of PE film, our sanitary napkins let the skin breathe freely all the time, discharged the liquid, dry and comfortable, keep you in good mood the whole day. Another innovation design is the vortices circular design of flow-leading, the flute design, fits the body tightly, the central protrudable cotton could absorb the liquid at the first time, gives you more reassurance and non-worried at your any time.

Ultrathin Sanitary Napkin

240mm ultrathin sanitary napkin features: Size: 240x155mm, imported SAP absorbs liquid quickly and provides more protection, with air laid paper and absorbent paper can greatly absorb the liquid. Both cotton cover and perforated cover are available. Strong breathable bottom membrane for removing hot and humid air, which makes your skin clean and breathable.

285mm ultrathin sanitary napkin features: Size: 280x155mm, soft cottony top sheet, prolonged towel body of 280mm for your body along with high quality thin and magic internal absorption layer, which may absorb and hold flow instantly and prevent leakage. Special magic embossing part, which integrate surface layer and absorption layer closely, and make you comfortable and at ease.

320mm ultrathin sanitary napkin features: Size: 320x155mm, unique supernatural double circles make absorbability central and efficiently prevent back-flow. The concave way of leak protection can absorb fluid quickly and locks it away. Specially processed dry-weave top-sheet enhances absorbability, and always makes you gentle.

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